Tinnitus Mix

A Sound Mix for Tinnitus Relief

What Is Tinnitus Mix?

Tinnitus Mix is a free experimental mix of sounds created by R. David Case, an engineer who suffered from severe tinnitus for three years.

Tinnitus Mix is not claimed to work for everyone, however it did permanently relieve David's own tinnitus. Around 400 other people have so far reported either improvement or complete elimination of their tinnitus. It appears Tinnitus Mix may be more helpful for those whose tinnitus is noise-induced, or idiopathic.

Tinnitus Mix is made up of 7 kinds of interference, random pulses and sounds. It is not a pleasant sound to listen to at first, but the sound tends to become more acceptable after a few days of use.

Suggested Use

Tinnitus Mix is recommended to be listened while sleeping for 3-21 full nights. The longer you have had tinnitus, the longer you may need to listen to Tinnitus Mix to see any improvement. Keep the volume of Tinnitus Mix at a safe level.

Tinnitus Mix is experimental. It is not based on scientific research. Your mileage may vary. Tinnitus Mix is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. For medical care, consult a medical professional.


Before You Get Started

For listening to Tinnitus Mix, David recommends to use a specific pair of headphones, either the Koss KTX-PRO1 or the Koss KSC75 which have the optimal high frequency response and coil size.  The difference is that the Koss KSC75 doesn’t have a headband.

These are available for around $20-25 from various stores, including Amazon and Walmart.

Buy Koss KTX-PRO1Download Tinnitus Mix

Download Tinnitus Mix

The download contains Tinnitus Mix in an uncompressed WAV file. You can play this file on all of your devices that support audio playback.

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